Colorado Lions Eyeglass Recycle Program

Colorado Lions MD6 participates in the Lions International "Recycle For Sight" program by collecting used eyeglasses. In Colorado, after used glasses have been collected, they are separated by type (broken (unusable), non-prescription sunglasses, readers, specialty including prescription sunglasses, and all usable prescription glasses. All usable prescription glasses are cleaned, scanned to determine the optics of each pair and sorted by prescription. They are then boxed for distribution to various organizations who distribute them in the U.S. and around the world to people that do not have access to glasses.

Request for Recycled Eyeglasses

Used eyeglasses are made available from the recycling and distribution center in Sterling, Colorado. Successful applications agree to the following conditions and to the availability of glasses at the center. Eyeglasses are provided free of charge, however you are responsible for:

  • Assuring that eyeglasses are provided free of charge to needy people

  • Providing shipping instructions to your location

  • Paying for shipping

  • Arranging for customs clearance

  • Publicizing Lions involvement in the provision of the eyeglasses

  • Providing reasonable services for the selection and fitting of eyeglasses to the recipient

  • Reporting to the recycling center the number of people (a) served and (b) fitted with eyeglasses

Download an Order Form. Complete the order form and send to the address on the form.

Colorado Donations Locations

Many vision centers across Colorado have collection boxes in which used eyeglasses may be dropped off. The following map has some of the drop off locations. Used hearing aids may also be dropped off in the eyeglass collection box.

Recycle for Sight Colorado Donation Locations

MD6 Used Eyeglass Processing