Google Groups

A Google Group is a convenient way for a group of people to communicate together without having to expose individual group members email addresses. Only email addresses registered within the group may send and receive messages via the group. Google groups are set up under Gmail accounts. Each group has a single Gmail account owner, but may have multiple managers, which must also must be a Gmail account, that may add and delete individuals to and from the group. Non Gmail addresses may be added to the group, but may not be managers. There may be multiple groups per owner.

Create Google Groups

  1. Create a "Club or District Google Account" ie:( as the owner. Do not use personal Google Gmail accounts.

  2. Open your browser to

  3. Sign in to the Google Account

  4. In your browser, enter ""

  5. Click "Create Group"

    1. Enter Group Name, Email and Description

    2. Suggestion: When creating a group, use a prefix to name the group. ie: Lions6C to prefix groups like Lions6C.Clubs, Lions6C.Committees or Lions6C.Officers.

    3. Choose Privacy Settings

    4. Add Members (enter email addresses you want in the group)

    5. Click "Create Group"

  6. See tutorials/instructions below for further options to customize you google group.