Create a Google Sites Website

If you're looking for a free and easy way to create a website for your Lions Club, then Google Sites is for you! All you need is a Google Account and a vision of what your want you website to look like.

Here are a couple of examples of Colorado Lions websites using Google Sites:

Get Started Today

  1. Create a club Google Account ex:( not use personal Google accounts. Personal accounts may be added as editors.

  2. Open your browser to

  3. Sign in to the club Google Account

  4. In your browser, enter ""

  5. Select "Start a New Site (blank)"

  6. Change "Untitled Site" to your website name.

  7. Create a Custom Theme

  8. Update the Header, Footer and Home page information

  9. You now have the Home page of your website completed.

  10. Review the guidelines document and youtube tutorials on how to add additional web pages

Create a Google Sites Custom Theme

  1. Open your site in the Google Sites editor

  2. Open the Themes panel on the right-hand side

  3. Under Custom use the Create theme button (looks like a rectangle with a ➕ in the middle)

  4. In the Create a theme dialogue enter a Name for your theme

  5. Add a logo for the site from your device or Google Drive

  6. Add a banner image for the default background image for all pages from your device or Google Drive

  7. Use the Next button

  8. Choose a color palette either from the predefined color palettes or you can Customize colors to make your own color palette

  9. Use the Next button

  10. Select fonts for your Titles and headings and your Body text

  11. Use the Create theme button to complete the process and apply your new Custom Theme to your Google Site