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Audio Version

As of March 2024, we  have an audio version of the Colorado Mane Lioner produced by Blind, low vision, or individuals who need an alternative to print can access the Mane Lioner as podcasts and streams. 

Mane Lioner - Audio Version 

Apple Podcasts: 




Alexa: Say "Play Mane Lioner by Aftersight on Apple Podcasts" to your Amazon Echo.


Aftersight website:


Listen by Phone: 303-786-7777 ex: 2, 1, 38


Note: While registration with Aftersight is not a requirement to listen, it helps us obtain funding to continue providing our free services to all Coloradans, plus, by registering, listeners have access to our additional resources such as free listening equipment (Amazon Echos, Digital Receivers, etc.), free white canes (thanks to you guys!), setup, training, support groups, and so much more. 

We encourage you to register with us:

YouTube Podcasts, and Amazon Podcasts coming soon!

Printed Version

Below are the latest quarterly Mane Lioner (published by the Colorado Lions). The Colorado Mane Lioner includes information about upcoming events, any Colorado Council activity, updates from the Council Chair, the State Manager, each District Governor and Vice District Governor and information from individual Colorado Lions Clubs.