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Childhood Cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death caused be disease in children under the age of 15.

Every year, approximately 9,000 children are diagnosed with cancer and approximately 1,500 die as a result off the disease. However, each year, more and more children are survivors of cancer.  These children may experience medical and physical effects, psychological effects, and cognitive and neurophysiology's effects. The families are also severely impacted.

What can we do as Lions?

The Lions of Colorado and Wyoming are teaming up to identify and promote Childhood Cancer (ChC) programs that your club can run. We will be exploring projects supporting two facilities that provide housing for families as the kids spend time in hospitals - Ronald McDonald House and Brent's place as well as other opportunities.  We have identified a project (POP A TOP) that all Lions can get involved in. We are still working to identify other projects. Follow our plans at and get information about Ronald McDonald House Denver and Brent's Place.

Colorado and Wyoming Childhood Cancer Programs

Pop a Top - Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver

Collect pop-top pulls from aluminum can, then recycle can as you are currently doing. Ronald McDonald House will then recycle to pop-tops for funds to support their operation. There will be a contest at both state conventions to award a prize to the club that collects the most pop-tops per member.

Quilts for Childhood Cancer Patients

The Colorado Lions are working to start a specialty club that will make quilts that we can give to the kids in hospitals with cancer. The club is in the first stages of organization, but we would like to get contact information for quilters in your community, both Lions and non-Lions. We are developing a website for information about the club and will get address out  to you soon. Watch for more information in the Mane Lioner.